Monday, September 7, 2009

Blabber Mouth

I found a fraudulent man in myself. I dug him out and threw him away. He felt the need to please. He felt the need of everything. What else could I do with this man? Leave him to suck away at my being? No. I stumbled upon him in the glimpse of a night, and he startled me. Crouched in the alleyway and begging for freedom. I had not noticed this before. How is that possible?

I feel like I'm scraping the bottom. But at least I'm scraping it gracefully. It hurts a little to get rid of a lie, but I will be content in time.

In other news:

Tour in 8 days
New Van on a bank loan. yikes!
Jose Gonzalez, and Gregory and the Hawk
Sad that As Cities Burn broke up
Happy that I found Edison Glass
Love Gia's blogs

Goodbye for now, all you non-existent readers.